The Millennium Bug

the filmmakers

MBug Team
Kenneth Cran (front center)

Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Production Designer, Creature Effects, Miniatures, Costumes Ken began studying film at Ohio University, but transferred to the film program at San Diego State University, where he got his Bachelor of Science degree in film/television production and student loan debt. As a freelance production designer, editor, art director, storyboard artist, vegetarian and part-time special effects artist, Ken worked on or led projects ranging from industrials, music videos, PBS programs, and indie features and shorts, to various ludicrously grotesque Halloween haunted house attractions in San Diego. Relocating to Los Angeles, he completed a Master of Arts degree in creative writing (and more student loan debt) at California State University, Northridge, where he is also an adjunct faculty member. Ken is the co-founder of The Squire Film Shoppe with his brother James.

Influential films have been many: "Citizen Kane", "King Kong" (1933), "Gojira," the brooding black and white Japanese language 1954 original we know here in the U.S. as "Godzilla", "The Exorcist", "Jaws", "Superman", "Alien", "Dances With Wolves," anything by Peter Jackson and John Sayles, and, most recently, Sean Penn's "Into The Wild" (which should have won the Oscar for Best Picture of the Year, dammit).

Ken is now busy writing the sequel and prequel to The Millennium Bug.

James Cran (front left)

Executive Producer, Producer, 1st AD, UPM, 2nd Unit Director James Cran is co-founder of The Squire Film Shoppe with his brother Kenneth, and has produced several short films and two features including the most recent, The Millennium Bug. Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, James moved to Southern California in 1995 where he began attending San Diego State University's film program. After graduating, he relocated to Los Angeles where he resides today and continues to make movies with his brother.

Michael Goedecke (front right)

Executive Producer, Post Production Supervisor Michael Goedecke is a writer/producer/editor working in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on a wide range of projects in television and film, including projects for The NFL Network, ESPN, VH-1 and Disney. His love of monster movies and old-school effects led him to become a part of "The Millennium Bug" project. There, Michael served as an executive producer and post production supervisor and even picked up a C-stand or two when the occasion warranted it. He holds a degree in Film and Television from San Diego State University.

Oktay Ortabasi (back right)

Executive Producer, Director of Photography Oktay Ortabasi has been a director of photography for over fifteen years and has worked with such distinguished clients as MTV, VH1, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, NBC, HGTV, PBS and more. He is also frequently called upon by many Fortune 500 companies when a project requires a look that is vibrant andinnovative.

Most recently Oktay lensed the $100,000 grand prize winning commercial and the soon to be release Horror film Millennium Bug. Oktay has also produced, directed, and filmed the OMNI-award winning documentary On the Wings of the Monarch which aired on The Documentary Channel along with another documentary he produced and filmed entitled In Search of the Pantanal. He also lensed 8 feature films including Fuel (which he also directed), which has recently been distributed in addition to being a film festival winner and Official Selection at many film festivals nationwide. Other works include the internationally distributed feature films A Lousy 10 Grand and Anderson's Cross, which has won the Barbados International film festival, the Hollywood Black Film Festival and Atlanta Black Film Festival. In addition Oktay has shot 21 short films including Cocoa Love which won several festivals and Love's Resurrected, which was an official selection at the London G&L Film Festival. Another short film Desert Rose was an official selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. No stranger to the web Oktay has shot viral ad campaigns for Deutsch among others. Culture, a web commercial which went on to win the EMA Creative Excellence Award.

He is also the co-founder of The Dreaming Tree where he works as a director and cinematographer on projects ranging from independent shorts and features to documentaries, music videos, commercials, and more.

Dustin Yoder (back left)

Executive Producer, Production Designer, Creature Effects, Special Visual Effects, Compositor, Puppeteer. Dustin has been a project designer and technical director for over a decade in the fields of print and video marketing, web and multimedia design and film production. For The Millennium Bug Dustin was responsible for, amongst other things, post production compositing, physical effects, creature effects and Belgian waffle production.

Andrew Spence
Andrew Spence
Music Composer

Born in Yorkshire, England Andrew's interest in music started very early already composing and arranging for his own Big Band at the age of 14. Having taken Royal College of Music exams in Performance and Theory, Andrew's passion for modern music led him to a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

He has had the privilege of working with artists such as Gladys Knight, Joe Cocker, Jose Carreras, Natalie Cole, to mention but a few. Since 1990 Andrew has been channeling his energy in to composition and music production out of his own music studio, now based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2004 Andrew composed music for the European Nature film, Fascinating Nature , Seven Seasons shot in super 35mm for the IMAX screen.

Andrew has worked on many Hollywood films including: Drag Me To Hell, Untraceable, When in Rome, The Uninvited, Love Happens, The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp and music for the 2011 movie, PRIEST.

Ugo Derouard
Ugo Derouard
Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Originally from France, Ugo Derouard moved to California in 2003. Shortly after, he worked with Moises Velez (IDA) as Supervising Sound Editor on several documentaries. Their work was recognized with two nominations and one Peabody award in 2007.

From Indie Films to domestic and international commercial campaigns, Ugo finally opened his own audio post production facility in Los Angeles (Ugosound Studios) where he worked on a number of national television shows, indi films and and studio productions, most notably, Sam Ramie's "Drag Me To Hell. Since then, he has been nominated for Best Sound Design in 2009 and won "1st Runner Up" in 2010.

His passion, creativity and attention to detail make his contribution to any projects he works on invaluable. When asked to describe his line of work, Ugo says, "I bring sound to life and life through sound."

Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay
Special Makeup Effects

Robert Lindsay is a German-born ex-dental technician turned special effects makeup artist. As the youngest child with two older sisters, his cinematic blood lust formed early on after being subjected to an overdose of Disney films.

His passion for dark and gritty movie fare led to wild Halloween makeup experimentation and in turn, deeply disturbed neighbors. Due to the lack of makeup schools in his home town, Robert became a dental technician, hated it, quit and instead made body parts for low-budget horror films for a living. In 1999 he left Germany and came to the U.S. where he suffered several more years as a dental technician in order to pay bills. Finally, in 2008, Robert attended Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles to make his training "official". Since graduating, he has worked on several films and TV shows including History Channel's "UFO Hunters" for which he created alien skull reconstructions and ultimately joined forces with The Brothers Cran for the epic undertaking of "The Millennium Bug".