The Millennium Bug


"...THE MILLENNIUM BUG is a refreshing old-school throwback to the last millennium."
- Fangoria

"THE MILLENNIUM BUG plays out like a love song to all of the horror films we all grew up watching. There¹s a dash of GODZILLA, a sprinkle of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and hell, even a bit of JURASSIC PARK mixed in."
- Ain't It Cool News

"This utterly insane and totally entertaining flick earns all of the praise its been getting from festivals across the country. Every element works. Cran’s direction is fast paced, crisp and creative...Even better are the actor’s performances...THE MILLENNIUM BUG is a must see."
- Horror Yearbook

“...a seriously gory flick that answers the age-old question of what would happen if Godzilla rampaged through a Rob Zombie movie.”
- io9

“...probably the coolest low budget creature feature ever made.”
- Quiet Earth

“...a fun, gory flick, full of weirdness and excitement.”
- Film Radar

"really an impressive accomplishment...a welcome homage to the good old days of movie magic..."
- CineManiac

"[One] of the most original and provocative terror flicks around..."

“...its future is set out to be a cult classic.”
- Killer Film

“...lots of monster movie fun...Definitely a movie you can watch over and over again...”
- Geek Tyrant

“It’s gory, action-packed, and fun as hell…I may be in love.”
- Couch Cutter

“A great little gem...made with such passion and love that you can’t help but like it.”
- Bloody Disgusting

“...a lot of blood, gore and plain violence...They made this film by their own rules and there are plenty of surprises you won’t see coming.”
- Wicked Channel

“...any monster movie fan’s breath of fresh air...I’d put it up against any studio monster movie, period! Godzilla, meet The Millennium Bug...I want a sequel!”
- Alien Bee

“Kenneth Cran’s script is well written and excellent indie creature film that you can watch more than once...This goes to show you that Indie films can be good if done correctly.”
- Igor’s Lab

“WRONG TURN meets GODZILLA...a sublime gem.”
- Splatter Container (Italy)

“stunning visuals”
- 28 Days Later Analysis (Canada)

“...a throw-back to what G-fans might call "the good old" days of spfx”
- G-Fan Magazine

“...offers a little bit of everything for almost every horror fan...plenty of gore, comedy and under-aged chicks in their underwear.”
- Horror Yearbook

Industry Fans

“...this generation’s giant bug movie...Oh, but with a lot more gore!”
- John Gulager, Director of FEAST and PIRANHA 3DD

“...could soon find its way into the cult classic hall of fame.”
- Michael Trent, Dances With Films Festival

“By not relying on CGI, [they] are able to create a modern version of an 80s horror film that feels like a true homage to films such as the EVIL DEAD series, the original THE HILLS HAVE EYES yet also bring in a classic Godzilla feeling to the movie.”
- John Allison, Dark Bridges Film Festival (Canada)

“...a fantastic throwback to the cinematic horror carnivals of the mid-Eighties.”
- Mike Abbate, Fantastique Semaine du Cinema (France)



Actor John Charles Meyer on DC101 in Washington DC
Actor John Charles Meyer on WGTR at Shriekfest in Hollywood
Producer James Cran on WGTR at Shriekfest in Hollywood


Director Kenneth Cran

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Actor John Charles Meyer

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